mens ray ban sunglasses – Visa, Ray-Ban launched the non payment of the sun glasses

Visa, Ray-Ban launched the non payment of the sun glasses
Mentioned mobile payment, what is your first reaction, the phone? Smart watch? Perhaps is that mobile payment for public impression is still stuck in these products, and the banking organization Visa perhaps think everything can become you buy buy buy tools, so they put up the idea of sun glasses.
The day before Visa and well-known manufacturers of Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) cooperation, launched a mobile payment support sunglasses, glasses built-in NFC contactless chip (similar to the cloud China UnionPay flash pay), bound ray ban prescription sunglasses Visa account, close to the terminal to complete the payment sweep. For example, in the summer to play on the beach or pool, you do not need to carry a cell phone, smart watches, but that, compared to people’s attention to the electronic products such as mobile phones, sunglasses look more likely to lose ah……
Visa prototype of this product is not yet available on schedule, perhaps there will be interested in the future of the bank, intends to cooperate with Visa may also. Suddenly think of the fire Snap smart glasses Spectacles, I do not know if the next generation of products will support mobile payment.