oakley minute 2.0 – Ten cycling glasses brand ranking cycling glasses which brand is good cycling glasses is a kind of outdoor riding equipment is very cool

Ten cycling glasses brand ranking cycling glasses which brand is good cycling glasses is a kind of outdoor riding equipment is very cool, and a helmet with the use of particularly significant effect, in addition to general sports glasses glasses riding common effect, also block ultraviolet irradiation effect. High end marketing platform
Knot riding glasses ten brands are as follows, the following rankings. If you have a better brand recommendation, please contact.
Oakley Oakley Oakley, 1975
Registered in the United States in 2005, Oakley was founded by Ji


m Jannard, Oakley
To make the world’s top riders coveted, creating the best performance and excellent protection of sunglasses, to meet the world’s best cyclists for visual technology never stop demand. Carve Carve brand founded in 1998, established a wide range of products, to meet the needs of different customers, Goods are available in all varieties. from clothing to accessories, the product line includes not only surfing and extreme sports special clothing, but also widely involved in outdoor sports clothing, such as jackets, T-Shirts, and sports accessories, Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale such as watches, hats, bags etc.. topi
Kunshan step outdoor sports Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007
In 2003, the main outdoor sports glasses, all sports glasses are designed and manufactured by Taiwan. Product quality in line with Europe
EN1836 optical high standard grade, ANSIZ80.3 and completely through the comprehensive test area Chinese authority. All glasses TOPEAK SPORTS sports glasses by the design team, the development of professional sports players try after finishing, behind the city through interactive testing, can completely meet the demand high quality sports exercise professionals. Beth Cabet Oscar riding (Basecamp) by the Qingzhou industry and Trade Co., Ltd. wholly-owned breska. Beska brand was founded in 2005
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End camp
Pin promotion platform
In 2008, is a set of bicycle riding sports equipment supplies, bicycle accessories R & D and production sales of domestic brands. The new special lion new lion – from the German professional bicycle riding scheme to solve the first brand, its core business is the development, riding bicycles and related professional cycling equipment products production and sales; much of the country at the same time through the formation of new special lion franchisees provide system cycling movement to the new special lion customer solutions,
To guide the target population to identify and accept the new lion brand advocated by the new lion lifestyle, so as to achieve the goal of social benefits and economic benefits.
The establishment and operation of ONE WAY adhering to the concept of “innovation, excellence, cooperation, practice”, and constantly explore new ideas, new opportunities. In outdoor sports, winter sports, as well as professional cycling in the field of hard equipment, technical clothing and other aspects of a wide range of product portfolio, is the product design and development of the field leader. The excellent performance of the product and the brand team cooperation has made it the most innovative and influential international brand in the Nordic sports market. SAHOO
SAHOO is the music of all sports sports equipment brand,
Product line covers riding helmets, glasses, clothing, kettles, maintenance tools, etc., aims to build China’s light fashion riding equipment brand. The expression of SAHOO is the founder of numerous riders passionate, enterprising, the fear of a young mind and spirit,
Brand name comes from English Say hooray (Viva)
SAHOO, meaning “to the young to” (Say hooray youth), both SAHOO brand slogan, but also the intrinsic brand spirit. ReadyRun ReadyRun (Lei Dilang) from Taiwan, from Taiwan grew up with the older generation of craftsmen assiduous and pragmatic spirit and modern fashion trend of the new generation of glasses, they set up a joint development, and international top designers together to discuss and work, innovation and development of outdoor sports glasses on the nausea. Farro Ed Farro Ed professional sports sunglasses frame material for Swiss EMS manufacturing Grilamid TR90, a polyamide (nylon) material. The characteristics of high transparency is thick, transparent pale color, chemical resistance and stress cracking resistance, toughness, rigidity, high resistance
High end marketing platform of the leopard seat burning, low water absorption, easy coloring. Light weight, less than 20% of ordinary plastic frame. Surface treatment is to adhere to the international standards for the use of E0/E1 poison test soft paint, health and environmental protection, soft and comfortable,
Acid and alkali resistant paint. Rudy Project over the past twenty years, Rudy Project is committed to the design and production of technical sports sunglasses, goggles and accessories. Its products designed for athletes, the combination of aesthetics, visual comfort and excellent protective glasses are welcome. In the high-end marketing platform under the introduction of the leopard seat, I believe we have a certain understanding of the riding glasses brand. Deer block also believes that the reason why these brands can stand out in the fierce competition in the market, it is inseparable from the use of network marketing.