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Ray-Ban (Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses): synonymous with sunglasses. In early 1930, John Bose and Henry Lun wave co operating company, commissioned by the U.S. Army Air Force, developed the world’s first deputy pilots can protect the eyes, green tinted sunglasses, can prevent glare and UV, vision can maintain a clear good eyesight, much American pilots welcome, and was named as the “leader of the United States Air force”. In 1937, the company officially put the glasses on the market, and changed its name to “Ray-Ban”. Ray for the glare, Ban block, since then, Ray-Ban has gradually become the world’s strong glare of the pronoun of sunglasses. The Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses style is timeless design, concise style, not deliberately pursue fashion, but enduring classic style. The new style is more youthful, but there is no lack of steady feeling. The quality of the lens Ray-Ban is famous for high quality, with glass, shading effect is very good, all Ray-Ban can block 100% of harmful UV rays, infrared filter and other harmful rays, now more polarizing film, light damage to the eyes and relieve a lot. In the country can buy Ray-Ban styles are the most suitable for Asians to wear, lens color to green based.

Twelve constellations take you around the world is longitudinal glasses in search of her degrees, suddenly looking back, she was in the dim lights are amazing; far, close at hand. Whether by accident or coincidence, decreed by fate. “Never abandon it” there, waiting for your pet.
1 Aries
Ray Bans Outlet: in Taoyuan than in sunglasses (red)
Aries is a personality, very warm, and this red can be just matched with Aries character, will help increase the love lucky wear red sunglasses, energy and money.
2 Taurus
Good glasses: in Taoyuan than in sunglasses (silver)
Taurus people are gentle, kind and practical, trust in love. Especially the kind of pure let people find everything fresh and new affection, wearing the sunglasses will increase your luck.
3 Gemini
Good Fake Ray Bans Sale: in Taoyuan than in sunglasses (white)
Gemini people are imaginative and artistic, so white will make you more imaginative, wearing white sunglasses will make you more dynamic and aura.
4 cancer
Good glasses: in Taoyuan than in sunglasses (red)
Cancerians have the characteristics of gentle and kind, as an understanding wife and loving mother, give a person a kind of warm. So the red sun will bring you good luck and give you more positive energy.
5 Leo
Good glasses: in Taoyuan than in sunglasses (Leopard color)
Leo people always give a strong vitality, positive taste. Leopard color sunglasses will bring your life more full of vigour, can also increase your wealth.
6 Virgo
Fake Ray Bans Outlet Store: in Taoyuan than in sunglasses (retro color)
Compassionate and caring person, Virgo smart cautious, attentive and pursuit of perfection. She is not afraid of black, because she will shine, so retro mixed color will make the virgin more outstanding, cause more people’s attention.
7 Libra
Good glasses: in Taoyuan than in sunglasses (silver)
Libras are meticulous, elegant, sociable and have a strong personal style. In the gentle and elegant, silver can make Libra people deeply feel like being in the wild herbs, gentle color and low-key, good luck will continue to come.
8 Scorpio
Good luck in Taoyuan than non glasses: sunglasses (Amber).
Scorpio people deep inside, loyalty unceasingly, mystery. Pink is a symbol of romance and love, so amber will bring more unexpected surprises to Scorpio people.
9 Sagittarius
Cheap Ray Bans: in Taoyuan than in sunglasses (black)
Sagittarius is romantic, passionate, and free, and black is the guardian of the most spiritual comfort in grief. An inability to inhibit the activity just off the black frames from a Sagittarius to freedom of thought.
10 Capricorn
Good glasses: in Taoyuan than in sunglasses (yellow)
Capricorn people of good and evil, clever personality, while the Yellow sunglasses can increase your warm temperature, the warm colors will make you looks cool and.
11 Aquarius
Ray Bans New Wayfarer: in Taoyuan than in sunglasses (brown)
Aquarius advocating freedom, full of humane spirit, a wide range of interests, creative, and Brown Sunglasses can bring unlimited reverie space.
12 Pisces
Lucky glasses: Taoyuan, MaryKay sunglasses |M2324 (pink)
Pisces have romantic feelings, a kind of color, a good mood, rich imagination, while the light pink can let Pisces staged a vigorous love drama.
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